Too Much To Lose

Pardon me if I'm leaving in a hurry can't you see
There's too much to lose for me to stay around
I've played your game, obeyed your rules the best that I know how
And the dust cloud on the edge of town is me

Everyone has been so kind to me, I hate to leave this way
I only wish that I could stay with you
But there's other places in this world that I would rather be
Where the greenbacks are green and the chips are blue

It's been a long day and now it's gone, gone
I won't see you again before the dawn
There's too much to lose for me to stay around
So I'll just cash in my chips and leave this town

Pardon me if I don't look back or even say goodbye
I surely have enjoyed your company
Got no more time to gamble on a thing that ain't too sure
I'm heading for the hills, that's home to me

If you ever feel that you should want to get in touch with me
Forget it, 'cause I'll be too far away
I've come so many miles and I've so many miles to go
And so many friends to meet along the way