Clouds Of Loneliness
(Cmaj7)   (Am7)   (Dm7)   (G)

(Cmaj7) What can you do, (Am7) you'll never win
(Dm7) Where will you go when (G) night closes in
(Cmaj7) Where will it lead, (Am7) will it ever end
(Dm7) Where will it stop, (G) losing a friend (E) isn't
(Am) What we had in (F) mind exactly
(Am) All we need is a (D) friend I guess
(Am) With my midnight (F) star to guide through
(C) Clouds of (G) loneli(Am)ness 

You knew someone but was it love
So many years push came to shove
You had a dream, so they had one too
You turned away, they were untrue
In our early days we were too willing
At the time we had yet to arrive
Many a man and woman found
Trying to stay alive

Where will you go, what will you do
When your whole world ain't talking to you
Maybe you think you will see the light
Maybe you'll find what you hope is right
And I'm all dressed up to be somebody
All I need is a friendly face
With my midnight crowd to glide through
Clouds of empty space

Seems like every time we turn around
What we see could be anyone's guess
Many a man and woman found in
Clouds of loneliness