Gordon Lightfoot Liner Notes / Poems


when the old knight rode
his spirit faltered not
were i to shoulder such a task
i fear 'twould be forgot

a peer of william shakespear
miguel de cervantes saavedra
who knew a prison chain
from a heart string
was don quixote's ghost
or creator as you wish

when the old knight rode
he was not afraid to bleed
for me to take on such a load
is more than i should need

but from my drift of song shall come
a bit of that old spirit there
whether it be strings or chains
that bind you
i hope this finds you well

through the woodland
through the valley
comes a horseman wild and free
tilting at the windmills passing
who can the brave young
horseman be

he is wild but he is mellow
he is strong but he is weak
he is cruel but he is gentle
he is wise but he is meek