Induction Into Juno Hall Of Fame

By Wayne Francis

Juno Hall Of Fame Induction - November 1986

Anne Murray takes the stage and begins, what at first appears, to be 'her' induction of GL into the Hall of Fame:

"His music has touched millions. The poetic excellence of this balladeer has made him a legend in our time. From musicians breaking into the music business by learning to play Early Morning Rain, to the vast number of performers who have recorded his songs, he has inspired many. But who inspires Gordon Lightfoot? When asked, 'Who's your favourite songwriter', Gordon said, 'Of all the multitudes around, I'd have to go with Bob Dylan'. Ladies and gentlemen, Bob Dylan."

With that we realize we've been fooled and Dylan meanders to the podium to a standing ovation:

"It pleases me to be here and give this award to Gordon. I've known Gordon for a long time and I know he's been offered this award before, but he's never accepted it, because he wanted me to come and give it to him. So anyway, he's somebody of rare talent and all that and here's a video clip now of his recent and not so recent achievements."

Followng the video, Dylan says, "All right, here he is now, Gordon Lightfoot!"

Off mike you can overhear GL telling Dylan "Thanks for doing it" and Dylan says he'll talk to GL later and then GL goes on to deliver his acceptance speech.

Biograph Liner Notes - 1985

Dylan in discussing his influences - "I always thought that one man, the lone balladeer with the guitar could blow a whole army off the stage if he knew what he was doing, I've seen it happen. It's important to stay away from the celebrity trap. The media is a great meatgrinder, it's never satisfied and it must be fed, but there's power in the darkness too and in keeping things hidden. Some guys got it down - Leonard Cohen, Paul Brady, Lou Reed, secret heroes - John Prine, David Allen Coe, Tom Waits, I listen more to that kind of stuff than whatever is popular at the moment, they're not just witchdoctoring up the planet, they don't set up barriers. Gordon Lightfoot, everytime I hear a song of his, it's like I wish it would last forever."