Echoes Of Heroes
(A) Now the echo of the heroes is (E) heard every(A)where
In the conflict of old in the (D) times of des(A)pair
All down through the ages the (E) voices do (A) ring
They (D) cry out of victory and of (E) freedom they (A) sing
And the (E) echo of the laughter and the (A) songs that they sung (sang)
The whine of the steel and the (D) roar of the (A) guns
And the tolling of the bell and the (E) cries of the (A) lame
And the (D) echoes of heroes roll down through the ages to re(E)mind us a(A)gain
In the fields of Flanders the brave ones do lie
At Verdun and Ypres where a million men died
From the Marne to the Somme to the Normandy shore
Their spirits go marching where the wild eagles soar
On the land, in the sky, in the oceans they come
All onward they march as the drummers do drum
Their faces are bloody and their weapons are worn
Their bones are all shattered and their bodies all torn
Must this be the road we are travelling yet
Must this be the time when nations forget
All the sons and the fathers who joined in the fray
To be killed and destroyed and be buried in the clay
CHORUS (Twice)