The General Store
Well when I was just a baby boy, my happy heart would jump for joy
When daddy'd take me to the general store
There was everything that you could name, from carpet tacks to window panes
And a lazy hound dog laying 'round the door
There was garden hose and axe handles and bread boards and wax candles
And curtain rods and nets made out of twine
There was ink and onion and navy beans and tea and coffee, brown and green
And everything from silk to gingham spine
Well one summer's day I chanced to spy, a cookie tin away up high
Upon a shelf inside the general store
Well I started up to fetch the prize, when the wall it started to capsize
And tumble with a crash unto the floor
There was shoes and books and pots and pans and fine combs and garbage cans
And broken jars all piled around my head
There was caps and boots and black molasses and young seeds for garden grasses
And pies and cookies, cakes and loaves of bread
Well then daddy grabbed me by the arm and took me back out to the farm
I couldn't sit down for a week or more
But the years have passed with no regrets and I know I never will forget
That place we fondly called the general store
There was thread and nutmeg, tins and powder, rat poison and clam chowder
And garden tools a-littering the floor
There was cranberries and clocks and clippers and ringers, rakes
And carpet slippers, and apple peelers you don't see no more
In that great forgotten wonderland, I visited with my old man
The great and unforgettable general store