Lightfoot Geography

I don't know if there are many geography buffs out there, but I've always been one myself. I read that back in the 70's Lightfoot kept a huge map on his wall and kept pins in it to mark everywhere he's played. I wonder if he still keeps that map up to date? So I'm guessing that Lightfoot is into geography himself. Here is a list of place names that have appeared to date in his songs:

Echoes Of The Heroes - Marne, Somme, Normandy, Ypres, Verdun
Adios, Adios - Michocan, Mexico
Daisy Doo - Texas
Crossroads - Quebec
Canadian Railroad Trilogy - St. Lawrence (River), Gaspe, Rockies
Go Go Round - Michigan
Black Day In July - Motor City
Mountains And Maryann - Saskatchewan
Long Thin Dawn - Omaha, Edmonton, Vancouver, St. Paul, Windsor, 'Frisco, Montreal, Denver, Winnipeg
Cold Hands From New York - New York, Albany
Ballad Of The Yarmouth Castle - Miami, Nassau, Biscayne Bay, Bahama
The Doomsday Song - Lake Erie, 'Frisco, Cuba
Ten Degrees And Getting Colder - Boulder Dam, Milwaukee, Arizona
Miguel - St. Augustine, Mexico
Nous Vivons Ensemble - Plains Of Abraham
Cabaret - California, Oregon, Ontario, Reno, Mendecino
Christian Island - Christian Island
Alberta Bound - Alberta, Toronto, Rocky Mountains
Ode To Big Blue - Pacific, Arctic Circle, Greenland
Hi'way Songs - New York
Nitro Joe - Mexico
Somewhere USA - USA
Carefree Highway - Carefree (Arizona)
In My Time - Hollywood

Cherokee Bend - Kentucky
The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald - Wisconsin, Cleveland, Whitefish Bay, Detroit, Lakes Huron, Superior, Michigan, Erie and Ontario
I'd Do It Again - Niagara Falls
Protocol - France, Germany, Saigon, Wounded Knee
Spanish Moss - Savannah, Georgia
Sweet Guinevere - Pittsburgh
Ghosts Of Cape Horn - Cape Horn, Devon, Southampton, Penzance, Kinsale
On The High Seas - Michigan, Lake Of The Woods, Montreal, Toronto, Reno,, Rome, Hornepayne, South Bend
Two Crazy Kids - Vancouver, Kalamazoo
Canary Yellow Canoe - East Main, Coppermine, Back, Rupert, George, Ross,Yellowknife, Assinaboine, Dumoine, Peace Rivers,Chibougamau, Churchill, Resolute
Triangle - Dover, Bahama, Bermuda
Morning Glory - Biscayne Bay
Let It Ride - Detroit, Windsor, London, Montreal, St. Louis, Missuori, Shanghai, Rangoon
Ecstacy Made Easy - Perth  (Australia)
Lifeline - Baltimore
Waiting For You - North America
Couchiching - Lake Couchiching, Lake Simcoe, Orillia