If I Could

(D)  (Am7/D)  (G/D)  (D)  (Am7/D)  (G/D)  (D)

If I could sing like the poets and kings of this world
If I could rise like the wind o'er the tides of the sea
(G/D) I would sing you to (A) sleep my love with (D) sweet melody
(G/D) And let you (A) dream away till the (D) morning light (G/D) returned again
To (A) take you away from (Asus4) me

If I could speak with the tongues of the masters of old
If I could tame all the fleeting perceptions I hold
Would I stand in the marketplace before you
To be shouted down without any warning at all, to be stood by the wall
And shot by the man in blue

If I could run with the grace of a sun colored stallion
If I could fly like the great silver jets in the morning
If I caused the wind to change with one wave of my hand
And if I could play the final symphony and set it free
Would it mean anything to you

If I could stand like the rusty old man in his armour
If I could ride the steed that he rode in his time
I would turn his head away to the river
And let him wander through the meadow grass, wild and free
For everyone to see

(Repeat 1st verse)