Lazy Mornin'

(Dmaj7) (D9) (G/D) (Gm/D) (D) (E) (A13) (A13 7+9+) (A6)

(Dmaj7) Another (D9) lazy mornin', (G/D) no need to get (Gm/D) down on any(D)one
(E) My son, (A13) coffee's in the (A13 7+9+) kitchen, (A6) woman on the run
(Dmaj7) No need (D9) to get bothered
(G/D) I'll think about (Gm/D) Monday when Monday (D) comes
(E) It's two for one, (A13) mister hoot 'n (A13 7+9+) holler
(A6) Got to make a dollar

Another lazy mornin', I took time to make town and stock a pint or two
The most delicious brew, keeping up with the Joneses
I hope no one telephones us

(G) I'd take a (C) place in the (D) country
(G) But for (C) now the old back (D) yard
(G) Looks to (C) me like fifty (D) acres
Of the (Esus) roundest (E7) ground in (Asus) town (A7)

Another lazy mornin', come suppertime I'm gonna light my barbecue
Nothin' new, only that she loves me and nothing I know can change me
No need to get bothered, I do more living than it might seem
Some dream, living like a pauper, bless my darling daughter

I'd like to know what makes a man go
Over land and sea
I guess it must get kind of lonesome
That's the way I used to be

Another lazy mornin', no need to get down on anyone
Such fun, coffee's in the kitchen, woman on the run