30 New Songs Written For Next Album

By the end of January, Lightfoot has 30 new songs ready for consideration for his next studio album. In what is one of his most prolific periods of writing in at least 15 years since preparing for the East Of Midnight album, Lightfoot will go into this new project  with an overabundance of songs to choose from. Perhaps this will lead to an album containing more than the traditional 10 songs Lightfoot has allotted to the majority of his albums and take advantage of the potential 75 minutes or more available on a CD release. If not, I'd expect the 10 "keepers" to be of exceptional caliber with so many songs in contention.

At any rate, with rehearsals for the upcoming tour not yet begun as of the end of January, there will be a lot of new material for the band to work up for possible inclusion in the upcoming concert year and/or later recording.

All in all, it's very promising news for the 2002 tour dates and eventual new album!