Gordon Lightfoot's Radio Appearances

Lightfoot wins second place as a ten year old singing Bless This House.

SKIP WESHNER - KRHM Los Angeles - April 1, 1968
Lightfoot is interviewed and performs Bitter Green.

SKIP WESHNER - KRHM Los Angeles -  1968
Lightfoot plays Unsettled Ways; snippets of Ballad Of The Yarmouth Castle; When Spring Was O'er The Land; The Mountains And Maryann; Long Way Back Home and complete versions of Take It Or Leave It and Pleasures Of The Night.

CBC RADIO - April 13, 1968
Lightfoot discusses the banning of Black Day In July from many US radio station's playlists.

SKIP WESHNER - KRHM Los Angeles - Aug. 9, 1969
Lightfoot is interviewed and performs live, Minstrel Of The Dawn and the newly written Looking At The Rain, which would be recorded for Sit Down Young Stranger the next month in LA and again in 1970 in Nashville, but not appear on record until being recorded a third time for Don Quixote. Also performed was Sit Down Young Stranger; Cobwebs And Dust; Me And Bobby McGee; The Last Time I Saw Her; a brief sampling of The Doomsday Song and The Seabird Song.

SHOWCASE - CBC FM - Oct. 5, 1969
This broadcast aired portions of Lightfoot's concert in Charlottetown the previous summer as part of the Charlottetown Summer Festival (the festival continues to this day, by the way, but 1969 was GL's last appearance there).  Songs played include In A Windowpane; Affair On Eighth Avenue; Me And Bobby McGee; Long Way Back Home; For Loving Me/Did She Mention My Name; Steel Rail Blues; Long Thin Dawn; Divorce Country Style; If I Could; Boss Man; Softly; Mountains And Marian; Bitter Green; Pussywillows Cat-tails; Canadian Railroad Trilogy and Early Morning Rain.

SKIP WESHNER - KRHM Los Angeles -  1970
Lightfoot on this occasion performs Talking In Your Sleep and Elton John's Your Song, completing a fascinating series of appearances with Weshner over 3 years that had Lightfoot performing an eclectic mix of material.

An interview conducted backstage after a concert at Masonic Hall in Detroit on December 5, 1971.  Interviewed by Wayne Stevens (pictured above with Lightfoot during the interview), it focuses on the very early stages of Lightfoot's career.

BBC RADIO - London, UK - mid-70's
I don't have an exact date on this one, but sometime in the mid-70's, BBC radio aired a segment on Lightfoot playing songs from Lightfoot's mid-60's contribution to the Canadian Talent Library recording, including Harbour Le Cou; Turn, Turn, Turn; Long River and Betty Mae's A Good Time Gal.

CBC RADIO - November, 1974
Lightfoot is interviewed by Sylvia Tyson, resulting in a wide ranging, rambling talk.

CBC RADIO - Feb. 10, 1975
Lightfoot touches on reviews, writing and sailing in this interview done in Vancouver.


GERMAN RADIO - Oct. 29, 1975
Taped at Lightfoot's  Frankfurt concert, this radio special included stellar performances of Bend In The Water; Don Quixote; If You Could Read My Mind; All The Lovely Ladies; Sundown; The Auctioneer and Canadian Railroad Trilogy.

Interview and commentary interspersed with a few Lightfoot songs being played.  Lightfoot reveals some interesting insights into the origin of some of his songs.

This radio broadcast was done in the early fall of 1977 as part of the Hootenanny series.  It featured songs interspersed with commentary. Highlights include clips of Lightfoot from 1962 as a member of the Two Tones plugging their single Lessons In Love.

CEREBRAL PALSY BENEFIT - WNEW New York -  Dec. 12, 1977
On December 12, 1977 in his final show of the year, Lightfoot made a triumphant appearance at Avery Fisher Hall in New York.  It was a benefit concert for the Cerebral Palsy Association and was sponsored and eventually aired by WNEW radio in New York.  Lightfoot was given the following introduction by a representative from WNEW prior to taking the stage: "If you ever listen at all to us, you know we love him.  Because he sings, and he says it and he writes it.  We hope you love him, too. Our friend from Canada - Gordon Lightfoot!"  The audience erupts in applause.  Then it audibly increases as Lightfoot takes centre stage.  It continues for a long time until the band can finally launch into Summertime Dream.  Throughout this show the crowd is totally engaged and Lightfoot has them in the palm of his hand.  He and the band are incredible!  His voice is outstanding! Lightfoot at one point mentions the "little gals" who were out doing Christmas carols before he came on, and how he thought they did so well.  The overall ambience of the concert, the Christmas season, and the crowd's obvious and deep affection for Lightfoot, make this the best concert I've heard from this period - much better than the '76 Montreux show that has been circulated.  Anyone fortunate enough to have heard and taped this radio broadcast for posterity, have a gem on their hands.  The mix is very professional (again, the Montreux show pales in comparison) and with Endless Wire just a month from release, numerous songs are debuted from it - including a spellbinding, If Children Had Wings!  And...The Last Time I Saw Her!  A word for word, perfect version!  All in all an incredible documentation of Lightfoot and where he was at musically in late 1977.  Here is a list of what made it onto the radio broadcast: Summertime Dream; The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald; Race Among The Ruins; Don Quixote; If You Could Read My Mind; The Last Time I Saw Her; Hangdog Hotel Room; If There's A Reason; Sundown; The Pony Man; If Children Had Wings; The Circle Is Small; The Auctioneer; Early Morning Rain; I'm Not Supposed To Care.

WGN-AM Chicago - March 2, 1978
Get this folks.  Lightfoot fields calls - on the air.  Just the way we've all dreamed of seeing him on Larry King!  Interviewed by Roy Leonard.

WXRT Chicago - March 3, 1978
Lightfoot sits down for this interview nursing a hangover from festivities after the previous night's show - and he's got two more shows ahead of him after the interview.  Lightfoot is in a very playful, lighthearted mood for this interview.  Interviewed by Seth Mason.

CBC RADIO - Nov. 23, 1980
Lightfoot talks about his upcoming acting role in Harry Tracy Desperado.

KNBR San Francisco - 1980
In-studio interview with Frank Dill.

BBC RADIO -  London, UK - May 17, 1981
BBC played six songs from Lightfoot's October 28, 1975 concert in Frankfurt, Germany in anticipation of his London Royal Albert Hall concert the next evening.  Songs included Bend In The Water (twice); If You Could Read My Mind; Sundown; All The Lovely Ladies and Canadian Railroad Trilogy.

MUSIC STAR - RKO San Francisco - 1982
Hosted by Dave Roberts, the hour is divided among comments from Lightfoot and a selection of Lightfoot singles.

STARTRACK PROFILE - Westwood One - Oct. 3, 1983
Hosted by Phil Hendrie, Lightfoot is interviewed and his records are interspersed.

Lightfoot talks about numerous songs and in this interview reveals once and for all that Carefree Highway was indeed inspired by the road sign in Arizona.  Song clips interspersed.

Lightfoot is interviewed at his home by Murray McLauchlan, in a light and relaxed format, just prior to the release of East Of Midnight.

CBC RADIO - July 9, 1986

CHUM-FM Toronto - November, 1986
An interview just prior to Lightfoot's induction into the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame.

CBC Radio - Feb. 27, 1987
This interview takes place backstage at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.  Song clips from that night's concert are interspersed.

WNEW New York - March 8, 1987
This is part of The Mixed Bag series.  Lightfoot is interviewed by Pete Fornatel. Lightfoot plays I'll Tag Along and Morning Glory live/solo in the studio.

FOLKFEST BENEFIT - WNEW  New York - Sept. 13, 1987
Recorded live at Folkworks in New York, Lightfoot headlined a benefit that also included Tom Rush and Bonnie Koloc, among others on the program.  Lightfoot was backed by Terry Clements on acoustic guitar and Rick Haynes on bass.  Mike and Barry had the day off.  The show took place during a brief break in the yearlong East Of Midnight tour.  The set went like this: Spanish Moss/Shadows; The Last Time I Saw Her; I'll Tag Along; East Of Midnight; A Lesson In Love; Morning Glory; Chrisrian Island; Don Quixote; If You Could Read My Mind; The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald.  The "Wreck" was given the unplugged treatment with just Lightfoot on 12-string, Terry on 6-string acoustic and Rick "plugged-in" on bass.  An outstanding performance!

A career retrospective, focusing upon the recent release of Gord's Gold II, with a lot of time devoted discussing it and Gord's Gold I and hitting on just about every other album along the way.

CBC Radio - November 1991
Lightfoot is interviewed by Peter Gzowski on his Morningside program.

MOUNTAIN STAGE LIVE - Charleston, WV - May 9, 1993
Lightfoot and band made this appearance in May of 1993, less than a month after the release of Waiting For You, on the Mountain Stage Live radio broadcast from Charleston, WV.  He dedicated the second set entirely to the new material.  Sadly, none of his performance has yet been issued on any of the Mountain Stage Live compilation CDs that have been released to this time.  The setlist: Don Quixote; If You Could Read My Mind; Shadows, Beautiful; In My Fashion; Drink Yer Glasses Empty; I'll Prove My Love; Restless; Waiting For You; Fading Away

KTLA Los Angeles - June 18, 1993
Lightfoot is interviewed to promote his LA area appearances and performs
I'll Prove My Love and a bit of I'll Tag Along.

WGN-AM Chicago - Sept. 20, 1997
As the fall leg of the '97 tour opens in Indianapolis on Friday Sept. 19, an interview airs which Lightfoot taped from his home the previous Tuesday Sept. 16 with Chicago radio personality, Joe Bartosch.  The interview is spread out over an hour, beginning just past midnight on the morning of the 20th.

CHUM-FM Toronto - May 1998
With the release of "A Painter Passing Through" a Lightfoot interview airs during the "morning drive" time slot.

MOUNTAIN STAGE LIVE - Charleston, WV - June 28, 1998
Lightfoot and band check in with their second Mountain Stage performance with the following 9 song set: 14 Karat Gold; In My Fashion; I'll Prove My Love; The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald; Sundown; Ode To Big Blue; If You Could Read My Mind; A Painter Passing Through; Early Morning Rain.

E-TOWN RADIO SHOW - Boulder, CO - July 19, 1998
Lightfoot and band performed Don Quixote and Drifters followed by an interview segment, afterwhich In My Fashion; If You Could Read My Mind; A Painter Passing Through and Uncle Toad Said were done, much to the audience's delight.

ART BELL - Nationally Syndicated USA - Sept. 29, 1999

WQNA - Springfield, IL - Feb. 10, 2000
Lightfoot does a one hour interview, touching on many aspects of his career.

CBC-R - Toronto, ON - Sept. 30, 2003
Lightfoot is interviewed on the national radio broadcast of Sounds Like Canada, discussing his upcoming album and his recovery with hopes of performing again, perhaps in 2005. He also talks about the recent tribute album in his honour and his recent induction into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame.

CBC - Toronto, ON - Dec. 7, 2003
Broadcast of Lightfoot's induction into the Canadian Songwriter's Hall Of Fame. Includes Tom Cochrane performing Early Morning Rain and Blue Rodeo doing If You Could Read My Mind, capped off by Lightfoot's acceptance speech.

CBC - Peterborough, ON - Aug. 6, 2004
Lightfoot makes his first and long awaited (almost 2 years) scheduled performance with a 5 song set at the Peterborough Flood Benefit concert.

CHML-AM - Hamilton, ON - Oct. 29, 2004
Lightfoot does a 2 hour interview on the Jamie West show, interspersed with music. - New York, NY - July 14, 2005
A retrospective conversation on Lightfoot's career from the Chateau days through to the post-illness tour in 2005, interviewed by Shadow Steele.

FAN 590 - Toronto, ON - Sept. 9, 2005
Lightfoot sits in on a Toronto sports talk radio program and fan call in show hosted by Norman Rumack. Rumack proves to be a longtime and  informed appreciator of Lightfoot and asks some very thought provoking questions even going back as far as the Black Day In July radio ban.

BILL BENNETT'S MORNING IN AMERICA - Washington, DC - Aug. 1, 2006
A conversation that revolves around many of Lightfoot's most famous songs and their origins.

FAN 590 - Toronto, ON - Sept.  2006
One more appearance on the local Toronto sports talk station.

FAN 590 - Toronto, ON - Nov.  9, 2006
Lightfoot and Barry Keane talk music and sports for the hour.

CFRB-FM - Toronto, ON - Dec. 16, 2007
Lightfoot is interviewed by Greg Godovitz and Bob Reid on Rock Talk. Due to a snowstorm in the Toronto area, Lightfoot was not able to make it in to the studio, but was interviewed over the phone from home. The highlight was a call from LA from Burton Cummings, who was very upbeat and animated and highly complimentary of Lightfoot, who sounded genuinely pleased.

FAN 590 - Toronto, ON - Dec.  21, 2007
Lightfoot and Barry Keane visit with Norm Rumack and Roger Lajoie on the FAN once again to talk music and sports.

CBC - Toronto, ON - March  24, 2009
Lightfoot is interviewed for an hour on the arts, culture and entertainment program Q by Jian Ghomeshi.

WABC - New York, NY - May 30, 2009
Lightfoot is interviewed by Mark Simone on Saturday Night Oldies.

CFRB - Toronto, ON - November 14, 2009
Lightfoot is interviewed by John Moore on his Saturday morning show.

AM640 - Toronto, ON - February 18, 2010
Lightfoot goes live on air with Charles Adler to refute reports circulating that he had died.

CBC Radio 2 - Toronto, ON - April 4, 2010
Inside The Music, hosted by Laurie Brown, features Lightfoot's February 4th appearance at the George Weston Recital Hall for the Songwriter's Hall Of Fame inaugural "If You Could Read My Mind" series.

WRIF - Detroit, MI - March 7, 2011
Interviewed on the morning drive Drew and Mike show.

THE PAUL LESLIE HOUR - Atlanta, GA - January, 2012
Paul Leslie conducts a half hour Q&A with a very talkative Lightfoot as he is about to embark on his 2012 touring year in Atlanta.

CBC - Toronto, ON - April 19, 2012
Lightfoot is interviewed on the Q by Jian Ghomeshi discussing the upcoming All Live album and topping off the appearance with a live in studio performance of I'll Tag Along.

WOND 1400 - Atlantic City, NJ - September 1, 2012
Lightfoot is interviewed by Don Hurley on his Steel Pier Radio show.

THE DENNIS MILLER SHOW - Los Angeles, CA - January 16, 2013
Lightfoot is interviewed by Dennis Miller discussing the upcoming "50 Years On The Carefree Highway" tour.

AMERICA IN THE MORNING - Westwood One - March 21, 2014
Lightfoot discusses his "50 Years On The Carefree Highway" tour with Jim Bohannon.

SIRIUS-XM OUTLAW COUNTRY - New York, NY - July 15, 2014
Lightfoot is interviewed by Steve Earle and performs on Hardcore Troubadour.

ZOOMER RADIO - Toronto, ON - November 17, 2014
Lightfoot is interviewed on his 76th birthday!

THE STROMBO SHOW CBC RADIO 2 - Toronto, ON - March 1, 2015
Lightfoot chats with George Strombopoulis.

NPR RADIO - Washington, DC - February 14, 2015
Lightfoot is interviewed by Scott Simon about his upcoming tour and most famous songs.

THE STROMBO SHOW CBC RADIO 2 - Toronto, ON - June 28, 2015
Lightfoot chats with George Strombopoulis on a Canada Day Special.

BBC RADIO MERSEYSIDE - Liverpool, UK - April 10, 2016
Spencer Leigh talks to Lightfoot about his upcoming UK tour and most famous songs. Also, he asks Lightfoot about Terry Clements and Lightfoot has some touching and revealing comments to make about his friendship and respect for Terry.

HERE'S THE THING WNYC New York - Toronto, ON - June 14, 2016
Lightfoot is interviewed by Alec Baldwin at the CBC building in Toronto.

DOIN' IT WITH MIKE SACKS - New York, NY - September 21, 2016
Lightfoot in a wide ranging inteview with the show's host.

GROWING BOLDER WESH Florida - Central Florida - September 22, 2016
Lightfoot is interviewed about his career and outlook on life.

ZEPP AND TERRI 92 KQRS - Minneapolis, MN - October 7, 2016
Lightfoot discusses background to songs and Fitzgerald connection to Minnesota.

Q CBC - Toronto, ON - November 23, 2016
Lightfoot is interviewed by Q host Tom Power.