Gordon Lightfoot Album Reviews

By Wayne Francis - January 4, 2000

       It was in January 1998 when I received an email from Thane Tierney. He told me he was with Rhino Records and that he had just read my Lightfoot FAQ and he told me after reading it, it had planted a seed in his mind in regards to a possible box set on Lightfoot. My interest was aroused, but I was skeptical. Thane told me he wanted to put a proposal together to present to the "powers that be" at Rhino to see if the idea would fly. He asked if I would send him as much information on unreleased material that I had available, as he so rightly believed previously unissued material would truly enhance the set. Without getting into the nitty-gritty details - on the basis of the many emails and phone calls Thane and I exchanged over the next 18 months - I feel very fortunate indeed to have witnessed the creation of this wonderful tribute to the huge and unique talent that is Gordon Lightfoot. My input was minimal in the overall scheme of things, but it was a most gratifying experience to see each new step fall into place as the project progressed and Thane was as fine a gentleman to deal with as I could ever hope to encounter. And the finished product speaks for itself. Thane and Rhino left no stone unturned in every conceivable aspect of the package, which pays homage to Lightfoot in a way he so richly deserves. If you haven't treated yourself to this box set - I cannot recommend it highly enough! It's a gem among box sets - just as Lightfoot is within the singer-songwriter tradition.