Gordon Lightfoot Liner Notes / Poems


It's a summertime dream
not a restless fling
when girls you knew become brides
Whose young men arrived in town
that very same spring.
Summer glances
should not be lightly cast,
for winter waits in grim disguise,
knowing summer warmth to be
a somewhat fragile enterprise.

So when the last snow
lay wet and heavy
and April rains cut
the big drifts down to size,
people always seemed to get
themselves together better
in balmy weather. In the north
it's not a surprising feeling
hopeful, thankful, and relieved,
having warmth, and nothing more
to do with winter.

Summertime dreams
a blessing to the old
which youth will not deny
yet cannot comprehend.
A new love here,
a life wasted over there,
sometimes a lifelong friend
Signs of danger close at hand
Earth turning in modern time;
status symbol, moon rocks
fuel gauge, on empty.
Soap opera, horse opera,
talk opera, rock opera,
police opera, Grand theft,
Assault and mayhem;
You can watch the show all day
and let the kiddies in on
what's going on out there
through the saftey of T.V.

Armed to the teeth
Still standing, standing still,
like a scarecrow caught
between rows of thorns.

Summertime dreams, beacons to my soul;
The channel you have marked out for me
runs deep and wide but one never knows
just how the ship will roll
nor which way the wind blows.

But for now, let me see
the first warm sun of springtime
shine down
into the hearts and minds
of men for all seasons
and hopefully, upon those
who call the shots in power
possessed of the soundest of reason.
Let me watch it work its way down
through the snow
to ward off frost
and warm the daffodils
in shady places
where no one's ever been;
On white sand, on forest, field
and stand of evergreen.

Let it shine on green beans,
and beauty queens,
cows, and earthmoving machines;
fathers, mothers, sisters
and blue jeans; the babysitter;
brothers, kitty litter;
rubber boots and woolen mittens;
red and green peppers,
Irish setters,
brakemen, switchmen, laundrymen,
firemen, mailmen, policemen,
salesmen, newsmen, clergymen,
deliverymen, ombudsmen,
baby seals and chipanzees;
Dr. Pepper, ice cream and cake;
the Great whales,
with all the sordid details
of their plight
chain-smokers, stockbrokers,
boiler stokers, social workers,
chronic losers, high rollers
and heavy drinkers,
misfits and social outcasts.
Let it shine upon what's left
of the eternal dreamers,
Whose only wish
is for a better world
in which to live;
Wildflowers, field mice,
small bugs, elephants and
faith among men and women;
A summertime dream.