An Internet Tribute To Gordon Lightfoot Volume II
Listener's Comments

"Received my 'Tribute 2' CD today and it is excellent!!!  Very, very nice!!!  The CD cover looks great and the performances and sound quality are very professional!!  It is well worth the money and I wouldn't be without it in my Lightfoot collection.....and guess what, it even has a very special 'bonus track'!!"
Dave Sims - Raytown Missouri
"Got the CD today.  BRAVO!  And what a nice surprise "Weaver Of The Moonlight" is!  I REALLY like it.  Thanks for all the hard work."
Donelda Budd - Arlington, TX
"First rate job, Wayne and everyone involved!  Keep 'em coming!"
Bill Drummond - Kamloops, BC
"Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy listening to T2.  I received my copy last Saturday -- thanks for the prompt delivery!  It certainly is a more than worthy successor to the original Tribute and I was really impressed by the terrific performances and overall outstanding sound.  As in the original Tribute, there's a very nice song selection from all eras of GL's music.  I enjoyed the variety of performances as well, from the simple elegance of only guitar and vocals to the more ambitious productions involving other instruments and background vocals.  You and everyone involved in this project can be very proud of doing such a fine job!"
Norma Kateeb - Orland Park, IL
"Great song choices, great recordings... just great!  Not to mention the bonus track at the end.  Love it!"
Shelley Cook - Tampa, FL
"I received the Tribute CD the other day and finally got to listen to it the whole way through.  Also, thanks for your surprise track to close to the collection.  I sincerely hope Gord gets a chance to listen and take it all in.  The collection has a nice assortment from throughout Gord's career.  It's amazing how many songs are still left that I would vote for inclusion on Volume 3.  The tribute is a necessary addition to any Lightfoot afficianado's collection.  There is a special magic in hearing someone else interpret Gord's material that illustrates the brilliance of the lyrics.  Everyone's vocal and instrument talents are different; the common link on the compositions are lyrics full of meanings woven into simple, pleasant melodies.  The production is first-rate and a surprise track sums up the feelings of those whose lives have been touched by this humble troubadour.  Great job, Wayne and all the others who contributed."
John Wicklund - Vadnais Hills, MN
"Well done.  Are you planning three?"
Sheli Teitelbaum - Los Angeles, CA
"I'm sitting here listening to Tribute 2 (for the 4th time) and I'm still overwhelmed!  I ordered it on a whim expecting to hear a few crude home recordings by some loyal fans, but this CD has major label sound quality.  Most impressive!  Great surprise song at the end, Wayne.  I'll be ordering up Volume 1 right away!"
Lloyd Jay - Auburn, ME
"The package arrived this morning, thanks a lot.  Sounds being at a family party, except I'm not singing...Thanks again."
Sheila B. - London, UK

"A couple of weeks ago I finally got to listen to Volume 2.  I am enjoying it very much, especially the surprise track at the end.  The first time I heard it, I am driving along, trying to glance at the track number on the display, and to the back of the album, trying to figure out what I was listening to.  A GL song I didn't recognize?  You have done a wonderful job writing and performing that outstanding song, Weaver Of The Moonlight, recognizing the brilliance of Gordon Lightfoot.  I hope he has heard it and liked it."
Susan Zunt - Indianapolis, IN

"Great CDs! Your 'Fading Away' and 'Let It Ride' are great stuff. I have Tony Rice Sings GL and it's good, but the Tribute CDs are great!"
Ed E. Isler - West Hills, CA

"Thanks so much for the Tribute CDs. They are wending their way into my psyche as I write this.  Much to my delight I discovered a 16th track on Tribute 2. I sincerely believe that you captured the essence of our hero in your magnificent 4 minute tribute song! Weaver Of The Moonlight ranks among the best songs I've ever heard, both for it's individual excellence and its subject matter!"
Jeff Selle - Las Vegas, NV

"I received the discs today and I commend you on the fantastic job that you and the others did with Gord's music. One of my faves is Tim Dabbs' reworking of 'Race Among The Ruins'. I'm looking forward to future projects from you!"
James Hill - East York, ON