Martin Sounding Board - June 2010 Issue

In response to many emails over the years (and to save me rewriting the same answer time and again) I will include a brief personal profile here for those who may care to know a little of the background that led me to do this Lightfoot web page.
First of all let me say, it's been a rewarding experience following Gordon Lightfoot's musical journey all these years. I started listening to him as a 12 year old in 1967. Until I heard him, it was all Beatles, all the time. Since then, I've awaited each new release from Lightfoot with undiminished anticipation. Looking back, each album is like a signpost, stirring vivid memories of the circumstances surrounding the point I was at in my life when the album was released. Some cases in point - taking up guitar (Back Here On Earth); my first summer job (Sit Down Young Stranger); leaving home for the first time to attend university (Sundown); that idyllic, yet bittersweet summer of 1976 (Summertime Dream); a year spent travelling (Endless Wire); birth of my first child (Waiting For You). I can remember as a high school student, saving my money to buy Don Quixote and when the day finally came to make the purchase, I awoke to a freak April snowstorm and can clearly remember walking up the middle of the street to the record store because the sidewalks weren't yet shovelled. Or while changing trains in Montreal in 1975, I wandered into a store to pass the time, only to find the brand new Cold On The Shoulder staring back from the shelves! These are just examples, but every album is etched firmly in my conscience, from the day I first layed my eyes and hands on it in the store, through those first critical listening sessions - always privately, to soak up every new nuance of word and music without distraction, the time and place in my life forever colouring how I hear those particular songs. His music opened the door for me to explore artists like Dylan - and many more too numerous to mention. But to my mind Lightfoot is the epitome of what a singer/songwriter should aspire to be. Watching how he has conducted his career all these years has been an inspiration for me in many aspects of life, even extending far beyond music.

It has also led me to write and record my own music. Below you will find details of my first four albums of original songs. My latest album, Halfway To Infinity has been over two years in the making and I am very encouraged by the positive response.

Listen to streaming audio of selected tracks from my albums by visiting my page at ReverbNation or to purchase go to my page at BandCamp. In 2014 I'll be issuing a set titled Sum Of The Parts: Collected Songs 1977-2014, which will be a retrospective of my most favourably received songs over that time. - WF


1. Our Dreams Are Magic
2. A Ways To Go
3. Vintage Denim Blue Jeans
4. Talking With The Angels
5. At My Windowsill
6. Cold Light Of Dawn
7. Let It Rain
Where A Nation Found Its Wings
9. Path Of Least Resistance
10. Beautiful Regret
11. The Raccoon Bandit
12. Wildrose Highway

1. A Ways To Go
2. Calm Within The Storm
3. Wings Of A Dream
4. Miller's Road
5. Crystal Clear
6. Halfway To Infinity
7. Market Square
8. Eastern Windsong
9. Rainbow Ride
10. Feline Way
11. Cold Light Of Dawn
12. Talking With The Angels
13. Destined To Be
14. Where A Nation Found It's Wings
15. Ballad Of The Bluenose
16. Sylvan Lake
17. Fine Country Living
18. Weaver Of The Moonlight
19. Cloud Nine
20. Featherweight
21. Let The River Run Free
22. Vintage Denim Blue Jeans
23. The Road Not Taken

24. Ballad Of The Bluenose
25. After All

1. Halfway To Infinity
2. Ingredients Of Love
3. Shasta
4. Greystone Cathedral
5. Wings Of A Dream
6. As Far As I Can See
7. Sylvan Lake
8. The Road Not Taken
9. Daylight
10. The Best Of Everything
11. When True Love Comes Home To Stay
12. Soliloquy

1. Eastern Windsong
2. Featherweight
3. Calm Within The Storm

4. Crystal Clear
5. Island
6. Summer Rain

7. In The Distance
8. Walk On Again

9. Feline Way
10. Rainbow Ride
11. Few Are The Ones
12. Pennywhistle Fair

1. Wages
2. Market Square
3. Cloud Nine
4. At Home In The Aspen
5. Undertow
6. Southpaw

7. Gold Dust Cowboy
8. Fine Country Living
9. Backroads
10. Destined To Be
11. Distant Ships
12. After All

1. Miller's Road
2. Ballad Of The Bluenose
3. Sixteen Mile Road 
  4. Midnight Rose  
5. Angeline
6. The Sun Went Down In Style
7. Winter Wood
8. A Word To The Wise
9. A Daydream And A Prayer
10. Let The River Run Free

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