Adios, Adios

  by Lightfoot & Ruth Hash

(G) I'll meet you in Mich(C)oacan the (G) heart of Mexi(G7)co
Oh I'll (C) meet you in the (G) villa, (A) where I loved you (D) so
I'll (G) meet you where ca(C)thedral bells ring (G) out across the (G7) square
So (C) weep no more as (G) time goes by, for my (A) darling (D) I will be (G) there

(G) Adios, adios and re(G)member my (G) love
Well meet in the (A) springtime 'neath (D) blue skies above
I'll (G) meet you my (C) only one, in (G) just a year or (G7) so
Oh I'll (C) meet you in Mich(G)oacan in the (A) heart of (D) old Mexi(G)co