Magnificent Outpouring

(D) It is said that all the (G) good things
Must (D) come to him who (G) can pretend
He (D) doesn't have to (A) wait
For as (D) surely as the (G) light of day
Must (D) come to drive the (G) night away
The (D) needles and the (A) pins
That's where the line be(D)gins

With your mag(G)nificent out(A)pouring
Of that (D) old familiar (G) story
That's been (D) used a million (A) times
To (G) ease a million (D) minds (G) (A) (D) (Bm) (G) (D) (A) (D)

There are times when I have told you
That there must be two of us
To try to work things out
But if I can't see you every day
Then I must hide my thoughts away
And see you when I can
And try to understand


So let us treat our love like any game
To fan the flames would really be a sin
For as surely as the snow must fall
I shall be waiting for your call
Pretending it is spring
And you'll be mine again