A Message To The Wind


Hold my (Bm7) hand, (E7) so I can hold you in my (Amaj7) heart
Hold my (Bm7) hand, so I can guide you through the (E7sus4) forest of the night (E7)
By the (Amaj7) sea upon the raging (Am7) tide
A message through the (E/A) wind, I must be(D/A)gin to write of love and (E7sus4) rain (E7)

Touch my heart, for it is beating just for you
Hear my song, as I sing it to the lost and lonely ones
If there were time to spend another day
A message to the wind, I would begin if he could blow my thoughts to you

Hold my hand, now it s time for me to go
Take my love and let it rest for we must meet again somehow
When you're a(Amaj7)lone (Dm/A) and willows start to (Amaj7) bend
And rain begins to (Am7) fall at times you will pretend
And not pretend at (E/A) all, I'll be with you a(D/A)gain
A message to the (Amaj7) wind  (E7)  (Amaj7)  (E7)  (Amaj7)