Band Member Profiles

Terry Clements, Mike Heffernan, GL, Barry Keane, Mary Reeve, Pee Wee Charles, Rick Haynes - London, UK 1981


Born:  Born and raised in Toronto.  Still lives in Toronto area.
Musical Background:  Classical piano (RCOM) and guitar.  Self taught as a bass player.  Played in Canadian R&B bands in the early to mid sixties.
How Recruited:  Managed to hunt up an audition in fall of '68. First gig was Royce Hall UCLA in January of '69. First album was "Sunday Concert."  First Studio album was "Sit Down Young Stranger," later renamed "If You Could Read My Mind."
Gear:  Uses a Kramer bass, has used Fender Precision and Musicman on stage.
Favorite Music:  Duane Eddy, Ray Charles, Chet Atkins, Eagles, old Blues.
Outside Interests:  Just an old hot-rodder.  And grandchildren.
Highlights With Gord:  Skydome Toronto and MGM Grand Las Vegas

BARRY KEANE - Drums, Percussion

Born:  Philadelphia.  Lives in Unionville, Ontario (Toronto area).
Background:  A few early drum lessons.  Mostly self taught.
How Recruited:  Hired as a studio musician to play on "Old Dan's Records" in '72.  Hired again to play on "Summertime Dream" in 75 and was then asked to be the bands first touring drummer.  First gig was a week at the Sahara Lake Tahoe, followed closely by an appearence on NBC's "Midnight Special."
Gear:  In concert, Premier drums (vintage '75) with a Pearl snare and Sabian cymbals.  In the studio, several different sets.  The most used is a set of Premiers (vintage '68), with many varied snare drums and Zildjian and Sabian cymbals.
Outside Projects:  Working on an album by New Country artist Rob Corley.  Recently completed album project as percussionist with MCA artist Ken Munshaw as well as a few jingle and TV projects including Sesame Street and a movie based on Madonna's unauthorized biography for Fox.  Have played on over 300 albums with such artists as Gordon Lightfoot, Anne Murray, Roger Whittaker, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Rita McNeil, Dan Hill, The Nylons etc.
Favorite Music:  Prefer rock, pop and R&B.  Favorite artists include Aerosmith, Steppenwolf, Led Zeppelin, Little Feat, Staple Singers, Don Henley and Tom Petty.
Outside Interests:  Playing baseball, softball, touch football.  Coaching baseball, softball and hockey.  Played in several Canadian National championships in softball, touch football, and was forced out of Canadian National squash championships due to injury.
Highlights With Gord:  Royal Albert Hall in London, Carnegie Hall in New York, Skydome in Toronto and an appearance on "Saturday Night Live."  Best gig was probably a jam packed Wings Stadium in Kalamazoo, MI around '77.


Born:  Kitchener, Ontario, raised in Montreal and the Toronto area.  Lives in Mississauga, Ontario.
Musical Background:  Played guitar in bands until age 18.  Father was a professional piano player so learned to play by osmosis.  Played and recorded with a slew of Canadian acts and artists frequently as musical director.  A common thread through most of that period was a 5 and a half year association with singer-songwriter, Shirley Eikhard.
How Recruited:  Called in for a session in early November 1980 at Eastern Sound to record the theme song for a movie Gord had just filmed with Bruce Dern, "Harry Tracy Desperado."  The session evolved into an audition.  Officially hired Dec. 23.  First gig was the Mill Run Theatre in Chicago in January '81.  First album was Shadows.
Gear:  On stage a Roland JD 800 midi'd to a Yamaha DX7 and a Kawai K3.  In the studio, whatever is available.  In home Midi studio: Kurzweil PC88, Korg M1, Roland JV80, Yamaha TX 802, Korg M3R, all connected with computer program LOGIC.
Outside Projects:  Currently producing a singer songwriter and a country rock band.  Writing and producing jingles.  Playing in a rock band.
Favorite Music:  Bruce Hornsby, Yes, Don Henley, Oscar Peterson, Keith Jarret, The Rankin Family and tons of other stuff.  Can't forget Bach.
Outside Interests:  Transcendental Medication.  Favorite Mantra: Om, Om (on the range).
Highlights With Gord:  Royal Albert Hall in London, Carnegie Hall in New York and falling off the stage in Toledo!


Born:  Lives in Hamilton, Ontario.
  Background:  A versatile guitarist/performer/composer, Carter is one of those rare musicians whose expertise and virtuosity transcend issues of style. His unique musical vision has led him to master Jazz, Bluegrass and modern Acoustic guitar styles, in a manner that allows each style to complement the others without sacrificing any of their respective nuances. A performer with over 30 year’s experience, Carter can be seen working as a solo artist, with jazz and folk duos, trios, or quartets, and occasionally with orchestras. <>Probably known best for his fluid jazz electric chord-melody style and his standard and open tuning acoustic compositions, Carter’s ability to incorporate a variety of harmonic and 2-handed tapping techniques, while maintaining a strong melody line and percussive rhythm are sure to grab any listener’s attention. Over the past few years, Carter has been studying the harp guitar (a rare vintage instrument with 6 treble strings and 5 or 6 contra-basses). Here you can see Carter performing one of his original compositions “Widow Walk” at the Harp Guitar Gathering in Williamsburg Virginia.
How Recruited: 
I was contacted initially about two years ago (2009) because I believe it was a PBS special that the band needed to do and they weren’t sure if Terry was going to be okay for that or not. Gord knew me through Bob Doidge, who owned Grant Avenue where he had recorded his last two albums and I was a session player. I got called to rehearse once for that show, and Gordon seemed to like the way I played, so he had me come back for a few more rehearsals. Terry’s health seemed to level out a bit, so I didn’t rehearse for a year or so. Then probably about six months ago, Gord asked me to come down for a couple of rehearsals. We didn’t do it every day, but it was once a month, every couple of weeks. A few months ago, we started going every week, and that was about the time that Terry’s health started to fail.
Gear:  In concert, Breedlove 6-string acoustic; '67 Gretsch Country Gentleman

Outside Projects: 
Probably the hardest I’ve ever played was with the Moscow Circus, and that was tough. It was a reading gig with an orchestra and we were playing these incredibly difficult pieces that we were sight-reading. It was all being led by a conductor who was watching a bear ride a bicycle across a tightwire. I’m just glad I don’t have to make a living doing that.
Highlights With Gord:  I think a lot of the hits I’m really looking forward to playing. “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,” “Sundown,” “Carefree Highway,” “Did She Mention My Name,” all of those great, great songs. It’s just going to be a real hoot to be able to play those with Gord.

Tuning Sessions - with Dean Parks in center photo.

Live sound engineer Richard Harison.