1979 Soundstage Comments
On the Lightfoot Soundstage special from 1979 at intermission, the band
members were each featured and here are the comments they made.

Terry Clements: 

"When I was 5 years old my grandmother bought me a plastic Elvis Presley guitar with the signature on it.  I just about went through the roof!  And from then on I just always had the guitar.  I've been playing with Gord now for 8 years.  I like him as a musician.  He has really beautiful melodies and then he says something in the songs too that most people don't.  He's a real pro to work for." 

Pee Wee Charles:

"The instrument I play, a lot of people don't recognize what it is.  A lot of times after a concert, people will come up and say 'What is that thing?,' you know?  Steel guitar is basically known as a country instrument, but playing with Gord has really taken me into a sort of a different idiom of music altogether.  You know, it's such a fascinating instrument and so much can be done with it, that that's how I got into playing steel guitar."

Barry Keane: 

"When Gordon asked me to join the group, I was used to beating the tar out of the drums in the studio. Playing drums for Gordon, I think, is different than playing drums for anybody.  It's really not so much what I play, but what I don't play, with Gordon.  Every note almost has to be thought out and it has to have some importance to it and if it doesn't have importance, then I shouldn't play it." 

Rick Haynes: 

"Well I started playing bass back in the fifties when there was too many guitar players around and I decided I shouldn't play guitar anymore 'cause I'd never get a job.  I've been playing with Gord now for about 11 years and there's a lot of challenge in what we play 'cause I think we're all pretty fussy about what it sounds like and Gord's a perfectionist himself, so there's not too much room for sandbagging.  But it's a real treat to work with all these guys 'cause we get along so well together."