(D/G)  (C)  (D)  (Am)

Rosanna (D) makes my day be(Am)gin
With kisses for a (G) king and (C) coffee on a (A) silver tray
She (G) sees the shape I'm (D) in
And if (Am) she would ever (Am/G) break a(Fmaj7)way
I'd (Am) follow close be(D)hind her
'Cause Ro(Am)sanna yes Ro(Am)(Am/G)san(Fmaj7)na, (G) rules my (Am) heart

Rosanna knows the times I keep
A fire softly glows and the shadows lick the walls
She knows when I'm asleep
The dinner's served at eight o'clock on time
And all is well by nine
'Cause Rosanna yes Rosanna, rules my heart

Rosanna moves across the floor
Her perfume fills the air as she walks beside my easy chair
I touch her hand once more
And I may never sleep again
I like the bag she put me in

Rosanna knows the ways of a man
But not the way I feel, I don't really care what happens now
It's catch me if you can
For no matter what occasion should arise
She likes to sympathize
'Cause Rosanna yes Rosanna
Rosanna, Rosanna, rules my heart