Same Old Loverman

(C) (G) (C) (F) (C) (G)

(C) I'm not some (Em) long lost (Am) someone
(C) Just dropped (C7) in to say hel(F)lo (D/F#)
It's that (C) same (Em) old (Am) loverman
(C) Baby you (D9) lost so long a(F)go
'Cause I was (C) born (E) to be(Am)lieve
(F) I never could deceive, believe (G) me

I hear no children's voices
Have they gone back to school
And that same old loverman
Is still acting like some kind of fool
I guess I was born to bring you grief
Though I never was a thief, believe me

It's cold outside your window
Please let me in, the night is wild
It's that same old loverman
Not some lonesome winsome child
And I was born to believe
I never could deceive