Sea Of Tranquility

(E) I live in the light of the (B7sus4) bright silver (E) moon
I'll take you off (B7sus4) sailing from (A) midnight til (E) noon
I'll (B7sus4) show the Sea of (A) Tranquili(E)ty
You can have any flavor you (B7sus4) happen (E) see

I live in the shade of a forest of green
In the wildest of woodlands that you've ever seen
There's rabbits and quail and tender young snails
As brown as the seaweed on old rusty nails

There's fireflies dancing in the cool evening breeze
There's love and romancing as nice as you please
There's otters and frogs and spotted ground hogs
And wiley old weasels in rotted out logs

There's rivers of rainbow and grey mountain trout
And little dark holes where the varmints hang out
There's foxes and hares in traps and in snares
And lots of bald eagles so you'd better take care

So if you've got the time and you'd like to pass by
Come down around midnight and give us a try
We'll show you the Sea of Tranquility
You can have any flavor you happen to see