An Internet Tribute To Gordon Lightfoot Volume I
Listener's Comments

"The Tribute CD was absolutely wonderful!  I enjoyed all the songs, more so because they were from people I felt I "knew" from the group and because there was such a variety of song choice and style, not unlike an original Lightfoot album. Gord would be proud!"
Pat Sarp - The Woodlands, TX
"GREAT CD!  The whole family loves it. Congratulations - a really worthwhile venture."
Phil McFadden - Fisher, Australia

"I want to thank you for such a fabulous tribute to one of the most influential folk artists!"
Paul Galati - Cinncinati, OH
"I sure like the Tribute CD and appreciate the trouble you took in putting it together.  The performances, as well as the process of realization, are quite professional."
Rene Breeuwer - Delft, Netherlands
"Thanks for the prompt sending of the CD.  WOW!  I'll tell you, it's so great to hear other people do GL songs.  The recording quality is surprisingly good.  No slight intended, I just didn't have a clue what to expect.  The performances were all obviously heartfelt.  All in all a real treat to get the CD.  Great job!"
Ed Mullen - Wayne, NJ
"Wayne, you can count Mark and myself as not only satisfied, but thrilled with the way the CD came out! Hearing Gord's songs sung by a variety of voices who obviously love his music makes it a very special CD indeed!  For anyone out there who has thought about buying this CD but hasn't acted on it yet - DO IT!!!  You won't be sorry and you'll be yammering at Wayne to get the next one in production!
p.s. Hey Wayne?  Are you taking requests for Tribute II yet :)???"
Judy Ward - Elburn, IL
"First mailing of the new year arrived at 2 PM local and the CD was in by 2:01!! Great effort!  Thank you all for taking the time, it was well worth it."
Kevin O'Brien - Folcroft, PA
"Got the CD, thanks.  And wow, I liked the selection of songs very much...a terrific job!"
Chris Teague - Valdez, AK
"Just got in from rainy Halifax today, to find my new CD.  It's hard to define and say how great it is, it just is great.  Already looking forward to Volume 2."
Russel C. Watson - Toronto, ON
"You could add Norway to that list (of countries).  I have received the CD and love it.  Thank You!"
Karl-Johan Teroey - Sandnes, Norway
"Thanks very much for putting together the Lightfoot Internet Tribute CD.  It's very impressive and I'm enjoying it!"
Janet Sayre - Chicago, IL
"...A great job in putting together what must have been fairly different sounding recordings.  It flowed very well together..."
Blair Barondes - Northampton, MA
"Just wanted you to know that I just got my hot little hands on the Tribute CD and I love it - thanks.  It has the feel of a jam session being held in my living room!  I'll definitely grab Tribute #2 promptly when it comes out."
Ross Mehan - Sunnyvale, CA
"They arrived yesterday and I've already listened through it three times and am enjoying it immensely. Well done! I'm pretty sure the recipient of my gift copy will be pleasantly surprised as well when he hears it."
Scott Gens - Clayton, MO
"Congrats to all who made a recording and I hope a second one will be done one day!"
Rik Stevans - Portland, OR
"Got the Tribute CD last week.  Very impressive!" 
Donelda Budd - Arlington, TX
"I got the Internet Tribute to GL yesterday and popped it in the player right away.  I love it!!!  Some of my very favourite songs are represented and the voices are just right."
Diane L. Medvitz - Syracuse, NY
"Just want to say that I'm enjoying the Tribute CD very much!!!  It is very interesting to hear other folks perform Lightfoot songs.  The recording quality is very impressive.  Thanks to all of you who took the time and effort to create such a fine Tribute CD.  It will make a fine addition to my Gord collection!!!"
David Sims - Raytown, MO
"I received the CD in the mail last Friday.  You guys did a fantastic job with it.  I've already listened to it 5 times since Monday and it sounds better and better each time - a very impressive effort!  I wish there could have been more, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll be able to produce a Volume II.  I can't even begin to imagine all the work involved in putting it together, but your efforts certainly paid off!"
Norma Kateeb - Orland Park, IL
"I just received the Tribute CD and I love it!  These are excellent covers of Gord's tunes and the quality of the recording is impressive.  You can tell that each individual artist put their hearts and souls into each tune, and that is what makes it special as well.  I like the fact that there are songs from every era in Lightfoot's music.  The time and talent put into this project is to be applauded and appreciated by all who hear this.  The quality of the recording is really professional and the mix is excellent.  Thanks again for the speedy delivery of this CD"
Elizabeth Barnes - Freeville, NY

"Great CDs. Your 'Fading Away' and 'Let It Ride' are great stuff. I have Tony Rice Sings GL and it's good too, but the Tribute CDs are great!"
Ed E. Isler - West Hills, CA

"I received the discs today and I commend you on the fantastic job that you and the others did with Gord's music. Your version of 'Knotty Pine' is superb. I also enjoyed Triptych's performances. I'm looking forward to future projects from you!"
James Hill - East York, ON