Thank You For The Promises

(Am7)  (G/A)

(Am) Thank you for the promises we (G) make
I know I can't com(Dm7)plain, I think I did al(Am)right
No failures are in (E) sight, only now and (Dm/F) then
I'd like to remin(E)isce, do you remember (Am) when (D/F#) (E)

Even if we're angels we can't ask
To wander through the past, the future is our goal
The night is black as coal, if I could pay the price
I'd like to love you once, I'd love to love you twice

(Am) Thanks, we cannot say e(C)nough, the road is sometimes (D) rough
But we can get a(Am)long
The going will get (C) tough, but we won't be a(D)fraid
Of the promises we (E) made (F#o/E) (E7)

Thank you for the promises you keep
When I am fast asleep, to be where we belong
Is all that I can ask, we can do it in the shade
As long as I have you and the promises we made

Thank you for the promises we break
If you made a clean mistake, well that's what love's about
No need to stand and shout, the truth is in your eyes
The answer lies within, no need to criticize

Thanks, for the promises at hand, the abuse that we must stand
Is often heaven sent
They may not pay the rent, you never can be sure
When promises get bent

Thank you for the promises that live
That is all that I can give, forever in my mind
To leave the past behind and seal it with a kiss
Forever in my soul, I will remember this