You Just Gotta Be
(A/B)  (E)  (A/B)  (E)  (A/B)

(E) If I satisfy you, (A) if you satisfy (D) me (A)
(E) Once the course has been set
I'm (A) gonna need all the (G) help I can (A) get but
(E) You just gotta be you, and (A) I just gotta be (D) me (A/C#) (A/B) (E) (A/B)
(E) I can't classify you, (A) you can't pacify (D) me (A)
(E) We can't make it at all
(A) You won't even (G) take my (A) calls
(E) I just want to be loved
And (A) you just gotta be (D) free
I'll smile and (G) tell it to the (C) world
(F) You just gotta (A) be

(C/D)  (A/B)  (C/D)  (A)  (D/E)  (E)  (D)  (A)  (E)  (D)  (A)  (E)  (A/B)  (E)  (G/E)

(Em) Pardon me for saying
(B) What a price you've been paying
(C) What more can I say
(Em/A) You (A9) might feel different some day

(Am7)  (Bm7)  (C6)  (Bm7)  (Am7)  (Bm7)  (C6)  (D7sus4)  (A/B)  (E)  (A/B)

If it matter to you, it still matters to me
You'll find me by the bayou
Thinking wicked thoughts of you
I just want to be strong, you just gotta be wrong
I can't clarify you, you can't verify me
I can't make it by stealth
You won't even share the wealth so
You just gotta be you
And I just gotta be me
And I will tell that to the world
You just gotta be

With a gratified mind, I'll be on the highway
Just as soon as I can
Where there's a will there's a way so until then
I just want to be me, and you just gotta be